Roguelytics Affiliate Partners Program

Welcome to Roguelytics affiliate partners program! We’re excited for you to join us!

Becoming an affiliate can be a great way for a single blogger or a high-performing content publisher to grow their online presence and revenue. Whether you’re new to affiliate partnerships or already underway, we’re here to help!

Team Up with Roguelytics

Roguelytics is a real-time on-page analytics platform for those without PH.Ds in data science. When businesses purchase analytics to solve their problems, they’re immediately thrown a big problem, which is learning HOW to use analytics. For the average business users this is a substantial problem to overcome.

We’re Different - We believe analytics should require no technical skill, analytics should be capable of achieving simple business endeavors and not JUST number crunching or complicated business metrics.

We believe in making analytics friendly and that come from a different place - a place that owes its inspiration to small businesses people who are thoughtful, creative and need actionable data in an instant.

We’re looking for partners who:

  •   • Passionate about tech and analytics
  •   • Have an audience targeted to developers or website operators
  •   • Have an engaged audience
  •   • Are able to drive impact through measurable performance (traffic, sales, ROI, etc.)


  •   • 40% commission on all subscriptions sold
  •   • Monthly reoccurring

Are we describing you? If so, we want to hear from you!

Send us an email to become a Roguelytics partner at