• Real Time. Simple.
    On-Page Analytics.
    Finally an analytics platform you don't need a PH.D in data science to understand.
    See what users are really doing on your site, learn from their behaviors, and keep them coming back for more. Simply put, get stats that matter.
    The Only TRUE On-Page Analytics Platform
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Main Features
Simple. Insightful. Real-Time. Goal Orientated.
  • On-Page and Never Out of Sight.
    Logging into separate portals is a thing of the past. By natively placing analytics on-page, your analytics are never out of sight or out of mind. You (and only you) will see the on-page analytics drawer in the corner of your web site. Watch total users on your site, unique pages and how users are interacting right from the drawer.
  • Path Navigation & Playback.
    See how users navigate and where they fall off or get stuck. Identify usability issues by watching recordings of real visitors as they click, tap, type and navigate across pages.
  • Simplified.
    Accurate and simple user-friendly goal-driven data that provides actionable insights. No more second-guessing “if you’re reading the numbers right”.
  • Goal Orientated & Actionable.
    Understand and relay current user behaviors, and lend to anticipating customer trends or shifts in buyer behavior.
  • Dive-Deeper.
    Top-line on-page consumer dashboard coupled with the ability to drill-drown into the supporting data through a simple user-friendly platform.
  • Real-Time.
    Return relevant, big picture data focusing on common goals most important to you, in real-time, all the time.
The Problem with Today’s Platforms.

They don't work for you – you work for them. Platforms on the market today have you build the tools - sales funnels, incorporate event-tracking triggers, add filters (LOTS of filters), set up user profiles – the list goes on and on.

While this may work for General Motors, companies with smaller resources fail to have their needs addressed. They become overwhelmed with overbuilt and complicated products – we don't blame them.

Our Solution.
Unlike Any Other Platform.

Answer fundamental questions. Provide on-page, goal orientated data that clearly enables quick decision-making with real-time insights and answers to the most impactful questions. Questions like: are you doing better today than yesterday? Answer: Yes, It’s that simple.

See it to Believe It

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      • On-Page Analytics: Full Site & All Unique Pages
      • Top Line Statistics and Actions
      • 3 Month Activity History
        • User Navigation by Page
        • Top Page Activity
        • Page Views & Clicks
        • Traffic Sources
        • Daily & Hourly Activity
        • Page Views & Clicks by Origin

      • Everything in STARTED plus
      • Top Line Statistics and Actions
      • 12 Month Activity History
        • User Navigation by Page
        • Top Page Activity
        • Page Views & Clicks
        • Traffic Sources
        • Daily & Hourly Activity
        • Page Views & Clicks by Origin
      • Historical Activity Playback & Path Navigation
      • Plus More
      • Report Download

    • 1 Million INSIGHTS/DAY

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Seeing is Believing – Try it for 14 Days.

We at Rogue have used almost every analytics platform on the market. They were complicated, overbuilt, and virtually impossible to use without a developer. So we wondered, ‘how do companies have the time or the resources to do this’? Are businesses actually using analytics as a tool to gain insights?

We knew there had to be a better way. You shouldn't need a PH.D in data science to understand analytics nor be a developer to install analytics.

We built Roguelytics to challenge that status quo - an analytics platform that's simple to use, user friendly, and communicates data in a way that's understandable. Because businesses decisions should be made based on evidence and insights, not assumptions.

Us vs. the Other Guys
We’re asked all the time,
“How is Roguelytics different than Google Analytics”?

Our platform is not an alternative to Google Analytics. In fact, Roguelytics should ideally be used together with a web analytics solution like Google. Google Analytics provides meaningful data about the pages your users are visiting, like bounce and conversion rates for example. However, it does not show how using are really using your site themselves, in real-time.

Roguelytics, is built to help you understand your website users by seeing how they interact with your pages and by understanding why they behave the way they do. This allows you to quickly identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Who We Are
We are Innovators. Entrepreneurs. Technologists. Coders. We ARE Rogue.
Our Mission

Rogue’s mission is to help customers take control of their customer data and make it actionable. Through insightful analytics, we enable all our clients with the tools to simply understand, track, and interpret activity to make better business decisions.

We translate data into simple top down insights everyone can understand within an instant*. Through clarity and simple metrics, we teach our customers about their customers and users.

*No PH.D in Data Science Required (unlike other analytics platforms)

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